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What entertainment should you have at your wedding?

Your wedding reception is an opportunity to have fun and finally let your hair down after months of planning and preparation.

When it comes to your wedding reception, this is your opportunity to really wow your guests with some fantastic entertainment. But with so many options available, which entertainment is the best choice for your wedding?



Music plays a huge part in a wedding, from choices of what to play during the ceremony, to the first dance and the sort of music that plays during the reception.

This is a point where you often need to strike a fine balance between the music you like, and the sort of music that will really create the party atmosphere you want.

Do you want to have a DJ keep the party moving along? Perhaps you want to opt for a band instead? You don’t just need to think about music during the reception either. You might want a musician, like a violinist, to play during the ceremony as you walk down the aisle, for instance.

Keep in mind that a band or musicians is often more expensive than a DJ and might limit the type of music you can have playing during your wedding. Also, keep in mind that some bands that play a lot of weddings often provide a DJ service too, to fill in the gaps between sets. This might allow you to find a happy medium that helps you cater for multiple people.



Alternatively, you might want to have other types of entertainment throughout your wedding. These are opportunities to do something unexpected or provide another memorable moment for your guests.

Close-up magicians have become increasingly popular choices as wedding entertainment in recent years.

They can simply walk amongst guests, doing small tricks and illusions. This is a great way to keep guests occupied, particularly during the periods where you’re waiting for a room in your wedding reception to be ready. Or guests are waiting for the wedding party to finish having photos taken, for example.



Another option for entertainment that’s become more popular is a photo booth. This allows guests to take pictures that can act as a fun keepsake from your wedding.

An alternative to this might be to have a sketch artist or caricaturist at your wedding. Much like a magician, this is someone who mingles with your guests, and, again, provides a fun reminder of the day, but in a more unique way.


Out of the ordinary

You might want to keep guests entertained as they enter your wedding venue. Or have your chosen entertainers perform throughout your wedding reception.

If so, there’s loads of choice, from stilt walkers to burlesque dancers, that can help with this. Finding entertainers that are a little bit out of the ordinary, and less traditional, is often just a case of doing some research online, or attending wedding fairs and talking to people.

You might find companies that provide DJs and singers primarily also have access to a range of other performers and entertainment. This can help transform your wedding into exactly what you want it to be.


Helping you organise the rest of your wedding

Entertainment is a part of your wedding you might not necessarily give that much thought to. Traditionally, a wedding reception normally involves either a band or a DJ. But, sometimes, thinking outside the box can help you add more of your own personal flair to your wedding.


At Eaves Hall, we have a dedicated team of wedding planners that can help you organise your perfect wedding, big or small – from helping to set out the room so everyone has somewhere to sit, to helping you find the perfect entertainment.


To find out more about having your dream wedding at Eaves Hall, get in touch with our Dream Makers to arrange a show around.

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