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Supplier Q&A: Flossy & Leigh

Who are you?

Flossy & Leigh – Luxury Bridal Styling


What do you do?

We exclusively offer a 12hour Bridal Hair and makeup concierge service, in which we provide touch-ups to the entire bridal party and guests all day long. Plus, we offer a second evening look for the bride, and an optional Glitter Bar for the guests after dinner.

We act a bit like a personal assistant on the wedding day, looking after the bride and her guests.


What got you into styling hair for weddings?

We have always believed in offering a complete hair and makeup service, where we can be in charge of the scheduling, and responsible for keeping a tight control on the pace and timing of the morning.

It is extremely disheartening when as a ‘bridal stylist’, you are only allowed to do the makeup, and then to have to let the final part of the look be finished by say the bride’s usual hairdresser. Firstly, you cannot control their timings, but their styling may be completely different to how we would have done it. Everything should fit together to create the bride’s perfect vision for her day.


What do you enjoy the most about doing bridal hair?

It’s an essential part of the bride’s look, and we take such pride in creating the whole look. Imagine spending all that money on the perfect dress and great makeup, only to have the hair let you down. It’s vital for us to take ownership and help design the bride’s entire look with her.


What trends do you think will be important in 2019?

For the last few years we really have said goodbye to anything too structured or neat. The general trend going forward is lots of soft waves, as opposed to tighter curls, and lots of gently woven, almost braid-like romantic dos.

The thing that always helps these styles look their best is the addition of balayage and multi-tonal hair highlights. The different tones make every style look better, as they really give depth and dimension, and show off the movement and shape of the hair.


Do you agree, in some instances, that less is more?

Absolutely!  Especially with hair. I always advise that just because it’s your wedding day, there is nothing written in stone that says you must have a pin-up or anything too major done.

I substantiate that by asking, “if you are going out and want to look your absolute best, is the first thing you do tie your hair up and scrape it back, or take it down and make it full?”

I’d say 99% of the time people agree they want it down and full to look their most attractive. They go onto say they feel more confident with it down.

To go one step further, I often discourage the over use of accessories. Even when the bridal shop is ‘throwing them in’ with the dress, less is definitely more when it comes to hair accessories these days.

Unless it’s a really unique bespoke hair accessory that really brings something to the overall style, I say step away from pointless fussy pins and cheap tat. A lot of accessories can just be unnecessary, especially given the detail on the bride’s dress. Don’t ruin the aesthetic with tasteless generic hair accessories.


How do you and a bride decide on the perfect hairstyle for them?

Ahead of the trial, we advise the bride to send us a few photos of a few hairstyles they like the most, along with photos of how their own hair currently is.

That way we can manage their expectations and advise them in advance as to the feasibility of their chosen style, and also make suggestions to how that would look given their hair thickness, length, condition etc.

We like to try a few different styles at the trial and push people to try things they hadn’t thought of, as a ‘wild card’ as it were, in addition to the couple of styles they were convinced they’d like the best.  We always tell people to keep an open mind until they’ve tried a couple of different options.

Finally, it is always great to be able to play around with hair once their makeup is already on. It’s very hard deciding on the perfect hair style without a face of makeup. Girls often hate even looking in the mirror at their hair without makeup.

Photo Credit: Jeff Langhorne Photography

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