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Supplier Q&A: David Stubbs Photography

Who are you?

Hi, my name is David Stubbs, owner of David Stubbs Photography, and I am a documentary wedding photographer based out of Manchester, photographing weddings all over the north west, and further afield.



What do you do?

I am different to most wedding photographers as my style is driven around capturing real moments from weddings.


This can be described as a ‘documentary’ or ‘reportage’ style. The idea of this is not to intrude on someone’s wedding at all, to remain as unobtrusive as possible and allow the real events to naturally unfold. There is no stopping, no looking at the camera, no suggesting where to move, or where to be, it’s just being the most observant person in the room and capturing photos of what really happens the best way possible. I truly believe that a photo captured of a real moment, then becomes a treasured memory. A photo looking good for the sake of looking good is not good enough for me.



What got you into wedding photography?

A love and passion for photography. However, taking photos of landscapes or birds was of no interest to me. I have a fascination with people and their relationships. This led to a natural progression into photographing weddings as soon as I realised wedding photography did not have to be about cliché staged photos.

Originally, I was a primary school teacher. With one of my first wages I treated myself to a camera. Then only 3 months later I found myself photographing a wedding of a friend for free. I had no idea what I was doing, but I was hooked. Over the next couple of years I photographed a few more before deciding to create a website. It was then that demand exploded and over the past 8 years I have photographed just over 300 weddings.



Do you think any trends from previous years will continue into 2019?

Authentic photography will be king. These are photos that tell stories and that give the viewer a snap shot of a moment in a given time and place. These photos are what will be treasured and loved many years from now. Photographic trends, cool ‘filters’, and outrageous processing styles will seem great now, but in 10 or even 30 years from now when your wedding album is being shared around the family with your kids or even grandkids looking on, these elements might look silly.



What style of photography do you think will be popular in 2019?

The documentary style of photography is becoming more popular as time goes on and this certainly seems to be the case for 2019. Back in 2010 I had to explain myself in more detail for people to understand what I was trying to achieve as the old fashion posed style was still prolific then.




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