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How to plan a winter wedding

The winter months are becoming an increasingly popular time to have your wedding.

Peak wedding season still tends to be the warmer summer months. But you might have a fondness for the colder months, a theme that would benefit from your special day being held in the winter, or wish to take advantage of an off peak offer.

Having your wedding towards the end of the year presents its own opportunities and challenges. We’ve highlighted some things to keep in mind when planning your winter wedding.


Shorter days

It’s worth being aware of the time it goes dark. This might limit some of the options you have for photography, especially if your wedding is later on in the day.

However, you could talk to your photographer to find out what can be done to counteract this – especially if this means you can achieve some really nice shots using lower light and shadow.

You might also want it to be darker when you have your wedding, especially if you’re going for a cosy and rustic theme. Choosing a cold winter’s day, when the nights are drawing in, can really help to accentuate this.



The weather in Britain is unpredictable at the best of times, and during the winter this is no exception. It might be cold but sunny, for instance, or you might be dealing with wind and rain.

Keep the likelihood of the weather changing in mind when planning your wedding, especially if you’re thinking about having an outdoor element.

It’s often worth having a contingency plan in place in case the weather changes. You might have originally planned to have photographs outside, unexpected snow and ice can make for some incredible wedding photos, but rain can be a problem. Talk to your venue beforehand to work out what your options are if the weather does change and consider what photo opportunities are available inside the venue.


Playing up the winter theme

Your wedding might have a winter theme. You could play up the idea of being cosy, by offering guests a warming cider when they arrive. Or you could tie your wedding into other events, such as Halloween or Christmas, with the decorations you use.

You might also want to serve food that’s more hearty, like a hotpot or hog roast. These warming winter favourites can help to accentuate the time of year and really establish a cosy winter theme for your wedding.

If your venue allows, you might even be able to take advantage of it going dark earlier and celebrate your marriage with a fireworks display. This can be a spectacular end to a wedding or the start to a reception, which has a definite wow factor.


Helping you plan the perfect winter wedding

Choosing when to have your wedding is almost as important as deciding where you should have it, and you should be confident and happy with your decision. A wedding, during the winter months, has its own unique quirks that can help give your special day a seasonal spin.

At Eaves Hall, we have a dedicated team of wedding planners that can help you organise your perfect winter wedding – from showing you around the venue and working out the broad details of your wedding, to helping pull together those final finishing touches.


To find out more about having your dream wedding at Eaves Hall, get in touch with our Dream Makers to arrange a show around.

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