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How to plan a summer wedding

The nice weather, school holidays and longer days make the summer peak wedding season.

From outdoor weddings and BBQs to brighter, warmer weather that helps make the most of the day, a summer wedding gives you plenty of options that you might not have during the rest of the year.

Wedding planning has a lot of moving parts. We’ve highlighted some of the things to keep in mind if you’re thinking of having your big day during the summer months.


Taking the wedding outside

With the weather being nicer you might be considering an outdoor wedding. Taking advantage of the summer sun, especially in the gardens of a country home, can make for a stunning wedding setting.

An outdoor ceremony can be incredibly tranquil and make for some amazing photographs, as everyone heads out into nature for the ceremony – maybe under a gazebo or in a small clearing. An outdoor wedding can be a fantastic, intimate occasion, but is at the mercy of the weather. So it’s a good idea to talk to your potential venue beforehand to find out what their alternative arrangements are if the weather keeps you indoors.

Alternatively, you might opt to having your wedding in a large marquee tent to allow you to enjoy it outdoor, while providing you with some extra cover if the weather suddenly turns.



You should keep the temperature in mind when planning a summer wedding. A heatwave might make it uncomfortable to wear a suit all day, or make it difficult for the bride to carry round a heavy dress.

Think about this when planning your wedding and look at dress and tailoring options that are better suited to the warmer weather. This might mean a suit that looks good without the jacket, or a dress with less volume to it, which is easier to move and stay cool in.

You might account for the heat and tie this into some of the theming for your wedding. You could put deckchairs outside, hire an ice-cream van, and really make the heat part of the day.


Peak wedding season

Summer is peak wedding season, so when you’re planning you need to think about availability.

With so many people looking to get married in the summer, due to things like school holidays and better weather, it can mean that demand for what you need to organise your wedding is high. This includes venues, registrars, photographers and florists.

If you’re contemplating a summer wedding, it’s worth talking to venues and suppliers well in advance to get an idea of availability. This way you can see if you can find a date where everyone’s diaries line up to get access to everything you want.


Helping you plan your summer wedding

Choosing to have your wedding in summer gives you some unique options that can help you to make your day even more special.

At Eaves Hall, we have a dedicated team of wedding planners that can help you organise your perfect wedding – from helping you plan how your day pans out, to helping work out your contingency plan if it starts to rain.


To find out more about having your dream wedding at Eaves Hall, get in touch with our Dream Makers to arrange a show around.

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